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FPGA in Aerospace: Meeting Industry Need

This blog explores how FPGAs in aerospace offer the flexibility and adaptability needed for demanding applications such as avionics and satellite communications. We delve into key applications, essential design considerations, and real-world case studies that highlight the transformative role of FPGAs in modern aerospace systems.

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FPGA Security: Trends and Best Practices 

FPGA security is crucial for protecting the integrity and functionality of systems that use these flexible and reprogrammable components. This blog explores common threats, such as malware and power analysis attacks, and highlights the unique security advantages of FPGAs. It also covers the latest security trends, including enhanced encryption and secure boot implementations, and provides best practices to safeguard FPGA designs. Learn how to effectively protect your FPGA-based systems and stay ahead of emerging threats.

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FPGA Design Tools and Trends: What’s New in 2024 

Explore FPGA design tools (Vivado, Quartus, etc.) & key trends in 2024 (cloud-based synthesis, HLS). Learn how to choose the right tool for your project.

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Strategies for Optimizing FPGA Designs on AMD Versal Adaptive SoCs

Discover essential strategies for optimizing FPGA designs using AMD Versal Adaptive SoCs. This blog delves into high-speed data transfer, dynamic function exchange (DFX), and quality of service (QoS) implementation. Learn how to leverage these techniques to enhance performance and efficiency in your FPGA projects, with insights from Fidus Systems’ expert-led webinar.

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Role of FPGA in AI
The Role Of FPGAs In AI Acceleration

Explore the transformative potential of FPGA technology in AI applications with our in-depth analysis. Discover how Fidus Systems leverages FPGA for superior customization, efficiency, and security in AI, and learn about the future prospects of FPGA in various industries.

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versal AI core circuit with fidus and AMD partner logo
A Comprehensive Guide to Versal™ FPGA Platform

Discover the capabilities of the Versal FPGA platform in our latest blog post. Learn about its unique architecture, development workflow, and security features. Explore how Fidus Systems leverages this technology for innovative, industry-leading solutions. Dive into the transformative impact of Versal FPGAs across various sectors.

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Engineers working on PCIe
Exploring PCIe Generation 6.0 – Advancements & Benefits

Explore the significant advancements of PCIe Gen 6, which doubles data transfer rates and introduces PAM-4 signaling, enhancing high-speed computing applications. This article details the technical enhancements of PCIe Gen 6 and examines Fidus Systems’ role in integrating these innovations into real-world technology solutions.

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FPGA Trends - Blog Banner
FPGA: Accelerating Innovation in Technology

Explore the essential role of FPGAs in technology, offering unmatched flexibility and customization. This post examines their versatility and efficiency, highlighting uses in data centers and AI. Discover how FPGAs enable rapid prototyping, boost performance, and increase energy efficiency in numerous tech sectors.

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Advanced High-Speed Data Transmission Solutions

Explore how Fidus Systems is pioneering advancements in high-speed data transmission through cutting-edge chip packaging and PCB design. Discover the impact of their innovative solutions and how they can transform your data technology projects.

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Advanced Radar Signal Processing.

Get a high level overview into the intricacies of radar signal processing essential for understanding modern radar systems.

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