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Signal & Power Integrity

Maximize your performance-to-cost ratio to achieve first-pass success

Our signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) teams have the skills to maximize the performance-to-cost ratio of your high-speed projects.

We advise on optimal topologies for emerging memory technologies, interconnects within complex computing platforms, Interlaken systems, FPGA transceivers, and complex layer stacks using next-generation laminates with buried capacitance to support the latest FPGAs and ASICs.

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Why Signal Integrity?

Example projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Designing to meet target impedance or noise levels
  • Optimizing PCB stackup for power distribution
  • Reducing crosstalk
  • S-parameter and eye diagram simulation
  • Analysis of power, grounding, decoupling and filtering

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  • SI, PI, and EMC analysis for on-chip IC design, package design, PCB-level, and system design
  • Pre- and post-route high-speed signal integrity analysis and simulation
  • Layer stack-up, hybrid technologies,
    via, and net topology design
  • Capabilities and experience 32.75Gbps (NRZ)
    to 56 Gbps (PAM4)
  • IBIS, IBIS-AMI model simulations,
    including Power Aware IBIS v5.0
  • 28GHz+ transceivers and 40GHz+ package level simulations
  • Signal integrity driven layer stacks
    and constraint generation
  • Net scheduling and design optimization for complex topologies like multi-drop buses (DDR3, DDR4)
  • Reducing reflections and crosstalk for improved timing margins and emissions
  • Optimizing decoupling for power integrity and lowest cost
  • Simultaneous switching noise considerations and design strategies
  • Component & system characterization, including
    full S-parameters, gain and noise figure optimization
  • Shield design and split plane optimizations for both sensitive signals and Regulatory Approvals
  • Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) analysis
  • Agilent® ADS
  • Cadence® Allegro PCB SI
  • Cadence PSpice®
  • Cadence® SIGRITY
  • Synopsys HSPICE®
  • Mentor Graphics® HyperLynx®
  • Agilent® Network Analyzer, Agilent Vector RF/Signal Generator
  • Agilent PXA Signal Analyzer
  • Agilent Electronic Loads
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Multi-channel oscilloscopes to 40 GS/S
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