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UVM Verification

Improve quality and lower your risk with our digital design verification services.

We bring extensive experience in the planning and implementation of re-usable verification environments.

Supporting UVM™, SystemVerilog and SystemC® software, our verification team preserve your investment in legacy simulation environments, support the transition to newer methodologies, and build new verification environments.

Verification (UVM) Services Brief

Use cases

Whether you need to design a new methodology or implement a rapid, high-quality solution, our experts can solve the most difficult verification challenges in creative and pragmatic ways. Example programs we’ve worked on include:

  • Translating design specifications into verification requirements
  • Architecting block and top-level verification environments
  • Enhancing existing environments with UVM verification methodologies
  • Implementing and optimizing coverage models, collecting coverage data and achieving coverage closure
  • Investigating, evaluating and recommending new verification tools and techniques for continuous improvement
  • Training both development and management teams on the benefits, savings and de-risking best practices for verification
Verification (UVM) Services Brief
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  • Numerous FPGA vendors/families (e.g., AMD®, Altera (formerly Intel)
  • Diverse sets of systems and protocols, including AMBA, AXI, PCIe, SRIO PCIe Bridging, NVMe, WiFi 802.11 variant PHY and MACs, Ethernet, DDR, DSP, USB, SATA, AHCI, SerDes, UART, I2C, DDR and HDLC controllers, wireless signal processors/60G Wireless modems
  • Test bench migration: Directed to methodology-based migration
  • Verification planning: Outlining the right solution for you
  • Verification IP: Leveraging COTS and custom solutions
  • Constrained Random Verification (CRV): Build, track, train, measure
  • Assertion-Based Verification (ABV): bind, track, train, measure
  • Directed Testing: For simple FPGA flows to CRV/UVM for complex FPGAs
  • UVM
  • SystemVerilog
  • SystemC

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