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Zynq™ UltraScale+™ Development Board for Desktop or Synopsys® HAPS

The Fidus Mantyss-DP-32G is the desktop version of Mantyss, and the Mantyss-32G is the Synopsys HAPS solution.

Both versions integrate an AMD® Zynq™ UltraScale+™ with multiple Arm® processors, 32Gbps transceivers, and a collection of other IO peripherals. The HAPS solution also features direct Synopsys HAPS solution interfacing.

Additional interfaces include DDR4, GigE, FMC+, an SD expansion port, a configurable clocking subsystem, and other PS and PL connections.

Select the Mantyss that’s right for you

Mantyss Desktop Version (Mantyss-DP-32G)

  • Standalone, desktop development board applications
  • Software and FPGA designers
  • Jump starting project development
Mantyss-DP-32G Datasheet

Mantyss Synopsys HAPS Version (Mantyss-32G)

  • Synopsys HAPS application
  • ASIC prototyping
  • Complex IP development
Mantyss-32G Datasheet

Mantyss features

  • AMD® Zynq™ UltraScale+™ ZU19EG MPSoC
    A powerful Zynq™ UltraScale+™ ZU19EG MPSoC is completely available for use in your prototype. The Zynq™ US+ ZU19EG features:

    • 1,143k System Logic Cells in the PL
    • Quad core Arm Cortex-A53 processor with dual core Cortex-R5 real-time processors and a Mali-400 MP2 GPU in the PS
    • 12 x 32/64/128b AXI Ports as the PS to PL Interface
    • -3 speed grade, enabling 32Gbps operation
  • Board Controller
    Independent board controller handles the board management tasks; Zynq™ UltraScale+™ is completely available for user prototyping. Controller handles:

    • FMC interface control (e.g. EEPROM, VADJ)
    • I2C interfacing
    • DAC control for HT3 Vref flexibility
    • Thermal management
  • High Speed Interfaces
    High speed Samtec® FireFlyTM Electrical/Optical connectors:

    • Two 4-lane x 32Gbps (max)
    • Two 4-lane x 16Gbps (max)

    FMC+ (VITA 57.4 compatible) connector:

    • Support for HSPC FMC+
    • Eight 32Gbps (max)
    • Sixteen 16Gbps (max)
    • LA[00:33], HA[00:08]
    • VADJ support, 1.0 to 1.8V
  • MPSoC Processing System (PS) interfaces
    • DDR4, 16GB x72 SODIMM @ 1866MT/s
    • Boot source and configuration support (Dual QSPI, MicroSD, JTAG)
    • UART-over-USB serial port
    • Switches and LEDs
  • MPSoC Programmable Logic (PL) interfaces
    • Multiple 32Gbps and 16Gbps transceivers to FMC+ and FireFly interfaces
    • Peripheral Module (PMOD)
    • SD expansion port
    • Switches and LEDs
  • Clocking Subsystem
    • Onboard multi-output clock generator
    • Jitter attenuator
    • MMCX reference clock input
    • MMCX connectors, general purpose
    • LVDS, differential clock input
    • Single-ended, clock input/output
  • IO and Debug
    • GigE, USB3.0, SD expansion
    • Pushbutton / LED connection
    • AMD JTAG Port (2×7, 0.100” header)
    • Arm JTAG Port (2×10, 0.100” header)
    • Arm Trace Port (MICTOR-38)
  • Direct Connection to the Synopsys HAPS-70 / HAPS-80 Prototyping Solutions
    Six HapsTrak 3 connectors that connect directly onto your Synopsys HAPS system.
  • Thinking of Prototyping an ARM Processor on JUNO?
    Mantyss-32G has advantages over using a JUNO development board:

    • Direct connect to HAPS – no interface board, no cables, no external cards, and over 300 connections to HAPS via the HapsTrak3 connectors.
    • Increased reliability – no dangling cables, less components to connect, and a more compact, integrated solution
    • More flexibility – access the PL fabric;  create custom I/O options via the FMC+
    • Cost effective – higher functionality at a lower cost
  • ASIC Prototyping (Synopsys HAPS version only)

    Connecting directly into the HapsTrak 3 connectors on your HAPS system, the Mantyss-32G provides flexibility and horsepower for prototyping your ASIC.

  • IP Development

    The flexibility of the I/O configurations and the large PL fabric make the Mantyss-32G ideal for developing your own specific IP.

  • Software Development

    The Quad core Arm Cortex-A53 processor, with dual core Cortex-R5 real-time processors and Mali-400 MP2 GPU, are inherent in the Zynq™ ZU19EG, giving you the ability to prototype ASICs with Arm processors.

  • Experimentation

    With the variety of configurations available in the MPSoC and the flexibility of the FMC+ and Firefly connectors, the Mantyss-32G allows you to experiment with different designs.

  • Desktop version:
    • Integrates a quad-core Arm Cortex®-A53-based sub-system into the Synopsys HAPS prototyping environment
    • Easy operation to enable desktop software and FPGA development
    • Offers convenience and flexibility with the support of common interfaces and debugging ports
    • Accelerates bring up with available example designs
  • Synopsys HAPS version:
    • Integrates a quad-core Arm Cortex®-A53-based sub-system into the Synopsys HAPS prototyping environment
    • Provides HAPS access to numerous high-speed links at rates up to 32Gbps
    • Connects directly to the Synopsys HAPS system with interoperability verified by Synopsys
    • Offers convenience and flexibility with the support of common interfaces and debugging ports
    • Accelerates bring up with available example designs
  • In the box:
  • Mantyss-32G Circuit Card Assembly (Synopsys HAPS) OR Mantyss-DP-32G Circuit Card Assembly µSD Memory Card (Desktop)
  • (Desktop version only): Desktop Adapter, ATX Style Output
  • Cables
    • Ethernet Cable, RJ45, M/M, Cat5e, 6’ (2m)
    • USB Cable, Type A to MicroB Super Speed, 6’ (2m)
    • USB Cable, Type A to MicroB, 6’ (2m)
  • Optional accessories:
  • FMC+ Loopback Cards, available from Samtec
    • FMC+ (HSPC) Loopback FMC (PN:  REF-197618-01)
    • FMC+ (HSPC) Loopback FMC w/ Micro Twinax FireFly QSFP28 (PN: REF-194194-01)
  • FireFly electrical peripherals, available from Samtec
    • Micro twin-ax loopback cable (PN: HDR-190945-01-ECUE)
    • Crossed micro twin-ax cable (PN: ECUE-08-030-T2-FF-B4-1)
    • Micro twin-ax to QSFP28 (PN: HDR-193805-01-ECUE)
  • FireFly optical peripherals, contact Samtec

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