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Build for AMD Versal® Adaptive SoCs and FPGAs

Leverage our electronic system design service expertise and harness the power from cloud to edge.

AMD Premier ACP Partner

Unlock next-level system performance on Versal

As an AMD Adaptive Compute Premier Partner, Fidus manages the complexity of powerful AMD Versal™ adaptive SoCs. Our AMD-certified team enhances your product’s speed to market by expertly handling design challenges and optimizing high-efficiency solutions. Trust Fidus to accelerate your development and reduce risk, ensuring a swift and successful launch.


Access NA's largest team of AMD-certified engineers

versal AI core circuit with fidus and AMD partner logo

Leverage Fidus’ deep expertise with the AMD Versal family to overcome the challenges of high-tech electronic system design development:

  • Advanced Integration: Utilize AMD Versal SoCs’ superior capabilities for adaptive, domain-specific architectures that excel beyond traditional CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs.
  • Streamlined Development: Benefit from our strategic partnership with AMD as North America’s longest Premier Partner. Our up-to-date knowledge of the latest silicon, tools, and software roadmaps drives efficiency.
  • Technical Certification: Our large team of AMD-certified professionals (largest in North America) ensure your solutions are implemented swiftly and effectively, significantly shortening time to market.
  • Risk Reduction and Acceleration: With Fidus, expect a reduction in development risks and a boost in speed for:
    • Developing high-efficiency AI kernels,
    • Managing massive data transfers using the Network on Chip (NOC),
    • Designing specialized custom hardware.

By leveraging our expertise in these areas, Fidus not only propels your development forward but also deepens your in-house knowledge and capabilities with AMD Versal, ultimately optimizing your time to market.


Versal AI Edge Series

This series delivers an adaptive technology platform that combines high AI inference performance, low latency, and power efficiency for edge applications. Fidus optimized a Software Defined Radio Design using AI Engines leveraging the AMD VEK280:

  • RLS Decision Feedback Equalization
  • MLSE Equalization
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (MATLAB®)
  • Golden vector compariso

Versal AI Core Series

The high-compute series with medium density programmable logic and connectivity capability coupled with AI and DSP acceleration engines.
Fidus conserved precious logic resources, enhanced design flexibility, and reduced power consumption using the AI Engines in a RADAR application:

  • Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP)
  • Custom Kernel development
  • Cuboid data movement and processing
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (MATLAB®)
  • Golden vector comparison

Read more in this whitepaper.

Versal Premium Series

The high-end, high bandwidth series, rich in networking interfaces, security engines, and providing high compute density. Fidus developed robust custom Versal-based hardware for Mil/Aero applications featuring:

  • High density compute capabilities
  • Rugged 6U VPX Form Factor
  • SOSA™ aligned
  • Multiple high-speed memory interfaces
  • High-speed transceiver links
AMD-versal-prime chip

Versal Prime Series

The mid-range series with medium density programmable logic, signal processing, and connectivity capability.

Fidus developed CXL solutions on Versal featuring:

  • CXL engines for Type 1 and Type 3 support
  • Verified using UVM, including very Design Systems’ CXL VIP
  • Targeted at PCIe Gen5 application
AMD Premier ACP Partner

Leverage our expertise as NA’s first Premier Partner

As the inaugural AMD Premier North American Design Services member, Fidus’ esteemed partnership with AMD ensures we receive exclusive training, certification and early-access to tools, IP, and new silicon. This means you get knowledge and insights at the forefront of AMD’s roadmap, experience with up-to-date tool flows and top preference within the AMD support network to de-risk your projects and enable your team for future success.

  • AIE (AI Engine) implementation and custom Kernel authoring
  • Network-on-Chip (NOC)
  • DCMAC (100/200/400/600GE)
  • SLR (Super Logic Region) restrictions and data transfer
  • XPIO interface usage and multiplexing
  • MATLAB-based development, verification, coding, targeting, and re-verification
  • PCIe Gen4 x16, 64-bit configuration, TLPs (Transaction Layer Packets)
  • Vitis™ AI

Our Versal experience is second to none.

Trust us to deliver reliably and first-time-right. That’s why AMD is a customer of ours too!

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