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Build for Intel Agilex® FPGA and SoC Family

Delivering custom designs that set you apart

Meeting performance, power and thermal requirements with Intel Agilex® FPGA and SoC expert knowledge and experience.

From concept to development to test and bring-up. We know the equipment and tests necessary to deliver fully functional and robust designs. Read about our recent INTEL Agilex® experience here.

  • Requirements definition
  • Intel® SoC device selection
  • Partitioning HPS and FPGA functions
  • Power system budgeting, design, and sequencing
  • BSP and driver design, U-Boot/Linux
  • GStreamer implementations and customization
  • HPS implementation and interfacing
  • Transceiver usage and implementation
  • Clocking
  • FPGA functional block design and HPS communication
  • Memory subsystem design and implementation
  • Signal and power integrity
  • High-speed (32Gbps+) PCB layout
  • Thermal assessment and solutions
  • Quartus® Prime, SoC EDS
  • Linux, U-Boot
  • DDR4 @ 2400Mbps
  • Boot Options (SecureDigital, QSPI, CFI, MMC, NAND)
  • USB
  • PCIe; Root and End Point
  • Storage; M.2, NVMe, SATA
  • Video encoding; H.264/H.265
  • Video Interfaces; HDMI4K, DisplayPort, SDI, MIPI
  • I2C, SPI, UART, Ethernet (100/1G/10G/100G)

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