Speech Recognition Microphone FMC2019-04-29T13:18:31-04:00

Speech Recognition Microphone FMC

speech recognition microphone FMC

  • Targeted at speech recognition and audio direcionality applications
  • Features seven (7), strategically spaced, PDM microphones
  • Includes Analog Devices' PDM interface chip
  • FMC (VITA 57.1) compatible
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5GSPS, 12-bit, ADC, JESD204B FMC2019-04-29T13:20:32-04:00

5GSPS, 12-bit, ADC, JESD204B FMC

5GSPS, 12-bit, ADC, JESD204B FMC

  • 5GSPS operation achieved by interleaving two 2.5GSPS ADCs
  • Analog input, trigger input, and clock input
  • RF-like clock distribution for extremely low jitter sampling
  • Innovative clock phase adjustment system
  • FPGA-based reference DSP design to compensate for interleaving-related spectral content
  • Double width FMC (VITA 57.1) design
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12G-SDI FMC2019-04-29T13:23:10-04:00



  • 1x 12G-SDI input
  • 1x 12G-SDI output
  • 3x 12G-SDI bi-directional
  • 1x video sync input
  • MACOM chipset-based
  • onboard sync generator
  • onboard clock generator
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HDMI4K FMC2019-02-19T16:20:36-04:00



  • HDMI4K source and sink ports
  • UHD, 60fps
  • supports Xilinx HDMI4K reference design
  • flexible, onboard loopbacks
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MIPI FMC2019-04-10T12:14:39-04:00



  • 4-lane, 2 Port MIPI FMC
  • CSI/CSI, CSI/DSI, DSI/DSI variants
  • Compatible image sensor and display available
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4K Platform2019-02-19T12:43:07-04:00

4K Platform

4K platform

  • Xilinx Kintex FPGA
  • HDMI4K to/from 12G-SDI
  • Quad 3G to/from 12G-SDI
  • Ethernet OAM
  • Status LEDs
  • Conduction cooled

ACDC 8K/4K Video Development System2019-04-29T13:27:55-04:00

ACDC 8K/4K Video Development System

ACDC 8K/4K video development system

  • Xilinx Kintex UltraScale 060/115 FPGA
  • DDR4
  • 4x SFP+ (10Gbps)
  • 7x FMC ports (VITA 57.1)
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ACDC A7: Artix-7 Development Platform2019-02-19T12:46:26-04:00

ACDC A7: Artix-7 Development Platform

ACDC A7: Artix-7 development platform

  • Xilinx Artix 200T FPGA
  • Dual FMC connectors, with 6Gbps links
  • Ethernet
  • SPDIF audio
  • Secure Digital (SD Card)
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ACDC Quattro: Xilinx® Kintex® UltraScale™ Development Platform2019-02-19T12:45:39-04:00

ACDC Quattro: Xilinx® Kintex® UltraScale™ Development Platform

ACDC Quattro: Xilinx® Kintex® UltraScale™ development platform

  • Xilinx Kintex UltraScale 115 FPGA
  • DDR4
  • SFP+ (10Gbps)
  • Secure Digital (SD Card)
  • FMC ports (VITA 57.1)
  • Zynq board controller option
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Sidewinder-100 Storage Accelerator2019-04-29T13:31:49-04:00

Sidewinder-100 Storage Accelerator

Sidewinder-100 storage accelerator

  • Zynq UltraScale+ 19EG
  • PCIe Gen4
  • QSFP28 (100Gbps)
  • DDR4
  • nVME
  • nVMEoF
  • Signal Integrity
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FPGA Video Processing Demonstrator2019-04-29T12:26:46-04:00

FPGA Video Processing Demonstrator

FPGA video processing demonstrator

  • Used to demonstrate FPGA-based video processing
  • Video scaling and playback
  • Multi-viewer-like implementation
  • Multiple video feed playback
  • Live UHD video overlay
  • Live UHD video motion
  • Real-time scaling
  • Frame buffers

Xilinx Zynq Demonstration Platform2019-02-19T16:28:27-04:00

Xilinx Zynq Demonstration Platform

Xilinx Zynq demonstration platform

  • One of the first Zynq designs!
  • Demonstrates Zynq performance and capabilities
  • Integrated touchscreen LCD
  • Featuring SFP+, PMOD, FMC, Ethernet,DDR3, USB

WiMAX Polemount BeamFormer2019-04-29T13:14:29-04:00

WiMAX Polemount BeamFormer

WiMAX Polemount BeamFormer

  • WiMAX Remote Radio Head Beamformer
  • System consists of 11 PCBAs
  • Sophisticated system calibration
  • Innovative multi-antenna mating system
  • Integrated lightning protection
  • Carefully design RF sub-system
  • Multiple mixed signal design elements
  • FPGA-based data processing
  • Freescale-based control plane
  • Custom robust chassis and mounting bracket design

Semiconductor Reference Design2019-04-29T13:01:47-04:00

Semiconductor Reference Design

semiconductor reference design

  • 8-channel reference design for Central Offices
  • -48V operation
  • Optimized for cost and copy
  • Test features for experimentation
  • Well documented for client customization

AIS VME Airborne Transceiver2019-04-29T13:01:16-04:00

AIS VME Airborne Transceiver

AIS VME airborne transceiver

  • Software defined VME form-factor radio
  • FPGA-based DSP
  • High sensitivity front-end
  • Integrated GPS
  • Superb RF performance
  • Ingerated software message processing

WiMAX Polemount System2019-04-29T13:13:23-04:00

WiMAX Polemount System

WiMAX Polemount system

  • Outdoor WiMax polemount solution
  • OFDM-based, precise EVM system
  • Integrated lightning protection on all ports
  • Custom cavity filter
  • Custom robust chassis and mounting bracket design

ZigBee Module2018-12-05T15:36:19-04:00
Pen and chip - fidus.com

ZigBee Module

ZigBee module

  • Tiny, ZigBee (802.15.4) module
  • Superb RF performance
  • Extremely low-cost antenna design
  • Reference design for chipset
  • UART interface

Apple iPhone Accesssory2019-04-29T13:03:45-04:00

Apple iPhone Accesssory

Apple iPhone accesssory

  • Miniature, consumer targeted device
  • Bluetooth-based
  • Apple iPhone and Apple mFi enabled
  • Demonstrated with various Apple products

ASIC Prototyping Platform2019-02-19T12:50:31-04:00

ASIC Prototyping Platform

ASIC prototyping platform

  • FPGA prototyping board prior to ASIC tape-out
  • 3 huge Xilinx FPGAs, RTL provisioned
  • Features on board DRAM and PCI
  • PMC expansion sites for expansion I/O
  • Ethernet, USB standard interfaces

Semiconductor Evaluation Platform2019-02-19T16:24:38-04:00

Semiconductor Evaluation Platform

semiconductor evaluation platform

  • Evaluation board for brand new ASIC
  • Socket carefully selected for signal intergrity
  • FPGA based control and data generation
  • Thermal nozzle interface
  • Flexible power supply for chip characterization
  • Various test ports for validating ASIC operation

ZigBee HVAC Control System2019-02-19T16:28:45-04:00

ZigBee HVAC Control System

ZigBee HVAC control system

  • Modular design for installation in various HVAC components
  • ZigBee for mesh networking across multiple units and distance
  • Targets home and business automation
  • Mixed signal design with high-power switching
  • IoT

WiFi Polemount System2019-04-29T13:05:01-04:00

WiFi Polemount System

WiFi Polemount system

  • Intel Processor
  • onboard PCI
  • Ethernet L2+ Switching
  • DRAM
  • Battery subsystem
  • Conductively cooled
  • FPGA
  • Radio Interface

Solid State Drive2019-02-19T16:26:41-04:00

Solid State Drive

solid state drive

  • Extremely high-density, cost sensitive design
  • Rigid-flex implementation
  • Significant power integrity planning, simulating, and verification
  • Signal integrity design for multi-drop bus topologies
  • SATA/SAS interfaces
  • Design for thermal performance

8-Channel, 250MSPS, JESD204B ADC FMC2019-02-19T12:44:18-04:00

8-Channel, 250MSPS, JESD204B ADC FMC

8-Channel, 250MSPS, JESD204B ADC FMC

  • Achieved datasheet specified performance
  • Low noise mixed signal design
  • Demonstrates JESD204B interface
  • Low jitter clock generation and distribution
  • FMC (VITA 57.1) compatibilitiy
  • Fully characterized with VNA
  • Xilinx FPGA targeted

HDTV OTA Antenna2019-02-19T16:21:06-04:00

HDTV OTA Antenna

HDTV OTA antenna

  • Custom design and printed fractal antenna
  • Full s-parameter simulation and measurement
  • VHF/UHF operation
  • Passive and active variants
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • High volume design

Optical Development Platform2019-02-19T16:24:13-04:00

Optical Development Platform

optical development platform

  • Used for proof-of-concept optics development
  • Multi-lane 10Gbps
  • Rogers/FR4 hybrid PCB construction
  • Signal integrity to decouple board performance from optics performance

FPGA Development for ADC Demonstration2019-04-29T13:07:29-04:00

FPGA Development for ADC Demonstration

FPGA development for ADC demonstration

  • Custom FPGA code development
  • ADC performance demonstration
  • FPGA
  • HSMC
  • FMC
  • DDR

Cellular/Satellite Phone2019-02-19T12:51:33-04:00

Cellular/Satellite Phone

cellular/satellite phone

  • Combination Cellular/Satellite solution
  • GPS subsystem
  • USB, Bluetooth
  • Li-Polymer battery technology
  • Signal integrity to ensure high dynamic range in a multi-antenna system
  • Display for user information and interaction

Industrial Power Monitoring2019-02-19T16:22:21-04:00

Industrial Power Monitoring

industrial power monitoring

  • Rack mount design
  • x86 Processor system with custom BIOS
  • DRAM and onboard DiskonChip
  • Status and alerts monitoring system
  • Full Board Support Package creation
  • Offline power generation and filtering

High-end Video Card Add-on2019-02-19T16:21:55-04:00

High-end Video Card Add-on

high-end video card add-on

  • Combine multiple high-resolution video inputs
  • FPGA-based video stitching and processing
  • Compex DDC implementation
  • Featuring DVI-I ports
  • Demonstrate what's possible

Operating Room, Medical Vision System2019-04-29T12:25:28-04:00

Operating Room, Medical Vision System

operating room, medical vision system

  • The Video Hub within an Operating Room
  • Beautiful, sophisticaed Windows control center UI
  • Extremely low latency FPGA video transport system
  • MIPI CSI-2 image sensor-based system
  • Multi-card system featuring remote cards, and PCIe host cards
  • High-resolution video over high reliability cables

Server Health Monitor2019-04-29T13:10:43-04:00

Server Health Monitor

server health monitor

  • PCI form factor
  • PCI bridge architecture
  • Battery back-up technology
  • Multi-source, seamless power switching
  • KVM functionality through customer expansion cable
  • USB, RGB, Ethernet
  • FPGA video system

Blood Analyzer2019-04-29T13:08:54-04:00

Blood Analyzer

blood analyzer

  • Analog design
  • Extremely low noise performance
  • Cost sensitive design
  • Detailed characterizaiton completed
  • Factory test design and implementation
  • Support for FDA documentation process