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INDUSTRY: Consumer

Home Automation system enabling heating Control via ZigBee

DESCRIPTION: This board was designed for a customer in the residential and commercial automation market. The ZigBee® enabled solution provided building-wide wireless control over HVAC systems. Given the market segment, this product was built to be extremely reliable, easy to use, and cost effective.

TECHNOLOGIES: ZigBee®, HVAC, thermostat, home automation, commercial automation, mesh networks, relays, antenna, opto isolator, level translator, power supply

INDUSTRY: Consumer

Stylish, omni-directional, HDTV Antenna for high-density urban consumer use

DESCRIPTION: This device is an over-the-air (OTA) HDTV antenna. For this project we relied on our expertise in custom printed antenna development, wireless/RF design, simulation, and characterization, and regulatory approvals. To make it accessible to the masses, we also optimized the bill of materials.

TECHNOLOGIES: Custom printed antennas, VHF/UHF, transformers, wireless, amplification, s-parameters, simulation, characterization, regulatory, high-volume design, bill of materials

INDUSTRY: Consumer

Bluetooth-based Digital SLR Camera Remote Control for use with smart Apple® products

DESCRIPTION: This tiny little board was our first “Made for iPod” device. It was a sleek little, super low-power Bluetooth® transceiver that enabled a user to control a remote device with their iPhone, iPod, or iPad. To accomplish this, Fidus joined Apples MFi program, and designed in Apple’s “MFi licensing” components. Our customer wrote the app, and the rest is history.

TECHNOLOGIES: Bluetooth®, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple iPod, app


INDUSTRY: Consumer

High-performance, miniature, ZigBee Module that enables 3rd party ZigBee designs

DESCRIPTION: Fidus created this tiny ZigBee® module to be used within our customer’s wireless HVAC control product line. The design, based on an Ember® controller, offered excellent performance and range utilizing a simple whip antenna that was also designed by Fidus.

This design demanded small size, extremely low-power, and low-cost. To keep costs to a minimum, Fidus worked with the crystal manufacturer to ensure that a standard crystal could be used, while still meeting the RF center frequency requirements. For further cost savings we restricted the layer count to 2, and ultimately replaced the whip antenna with a printed antenna.

TECHNOLOGIES: ZigBee, 802.15.4, antenna, printed antenna, UART

INDUSTRY: Consumer

A GSM/Satellite phone for emergency applications for people working in remote locations

DESCRIPTION: This unit features an LCD, GSM, Satellite, GPS, and Bluetooth functionality all in a Li-Polymer powered handheld unit. The most challenging aspect of this project was obtaining excellent wireless performance with so many wireless protocols/antennas in such a small size. Fidus’ hardware, signal integrity, and antenna experts sized it all up, and made it work.

TECHNOLOGIES: GSM, Satellite, GPS, USB 2.0, Bluetooth, I2C, JTAG, Li-Polymer battery and charge circuitry, antenna location, LCD

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