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INDUSTRY: Medical/Industrial

Multi-Channel Mixed-Signal Daughter Board enabling FPGA Development for host of next generation products

DESCRIPTION: This robust, conduction cooled HPC FMC card was designed to interface to a large variety of host cards. It provides multiple ADC channel inputs, clock generation and low jitter distribution, power regulation and post filtering. Utilizing our lab equipment, the analog front-end was parameterized and characterized. This product passes high-speed serial data to the FPGA host card utilizing JEDEC’s JESD204B serial standard for data converters; the Xilinx® JESD204B IP core was utilized.

TECHNOLOGIES: ADC, analog-to-digital conversion, low jitter, clock generation, clock distribution, JESD204B, VITA 57.1, linear regulation, LDO, SSMC, balun, transformer, differential pairs, matching, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, Xilinx® ChipScope, Xilinx® ILA

INDUSTRY: Medical/Industrial

Industrial – Offline Power Observation and Characterization Device

DESCRIPTION: Fidus’ client needed an offline power card to assess the quality and condition of the mains. Fidus delivered this solution, complete with modified BIOS parameters. This project required knowledge in power supply design, x86 processors, BIOS and BSP design, FPGAs, and DSPs.

TECHNOLOGIES: x86 Processor, SDRAM, MSystems DiskonChip, FLASH, BIOS, BSP, DSP, FPGA, offline power

INDUSTRY: Medical/Industrial

Professional Blood Analyzer for use in Doctor’s office

DESCRIPTION: We assisted the customer with a number of items, including a RoHS bill of materials scrub/redesign of this mostly analog board. All modifications were carefully identified, the associated risks were assessed, and the appropriate updates were made. Clear concise reporting and documentation was critical due to medical industry requirements.

TECHNOLOGIES: Medical, Copper with OSP, RoHS, analog

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