Fidus Mantyss™-32G™ integrates a Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+ with multiple Arm® processors, 32Gbps transceivers, and a collection of other real-world IO peripherals that extend the prototyping interfaces of the Synopsys HAPS Prototyping Solution.

Ottawa/Waterloo/San Jose – January 23, 2019| Fidus Systems Inc. (Fidus), specializing in customized electronic designs, today announced the Fidus Mantyss-32G – a daughter board for the Synopsys HAPS prototyping solution based on the Xilinx ZU19EG MPSoC. This versatile product extends the Synopsys HAPS prototyping solution with Arm processors and 32Gbps high speed transceivers to further accelerate prototyping of the latest generation of ASICs.


The Fidus Mantyss-32G

  • integrates a quad-core Arm Cortex®-A53-based sub-system into the Synopsys HAPS prototyping environment
  • provides HAPS access to numerous high-speed links at rates up to 32Gbps
  • connects directly to the Synopsys HAPS system with interoperability verified by Synopsys
  • offers convenience and flexibility with the support of common interfaces and debugging ports
  • accelerates bring up with available example designs

The Fidus Mantyss-32G is a six HT3 connector daughter board purposefully designed to extend the capabilities of the Synopsys HAPS prototyping solution. Mantyss-32G is architected using the highest speed grade Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ZU19EG MPSoC, featuring a quad-core Arm processor sub-system, twenty-four 16Gbps links and sixteen 32Gbps links. In addition to connecting directly to the HAPS systems, the Mantyss-32G boasts additional features, including DDR4, GigE, FMC+, an SD expansion port, a configurable clocking subsystem, and other PS and PL interfaces.

“A high value addition to the Synopsys HAPS prototyping ecosystem, the Mantyss-32G extends the capabilities of the HAPS prototyping solution by providing a direct connection to the Arm processors and 32Gbps transceivers in the ZU19EG” said Patrick Gurtler, Director of Research and Development at Fidus Systems. “Further expansion through the FMC+ or SD card and numerous I/O interfaces makes the Mantyss-32G an exceptionally versatile solution to quickly expand the HAPS interfaces.”

Through the Synopsys HAPS Connect Program, Fidus and Synopsys worked collaboratively, ensuring that the Fidus Mantyss-32G integrated seamlessly into the Synopsys HAPS prototyping solution. “The HAPS Connect program played an important role in the development of Mantyss-32G. Facilitated by the program, we co-developed the features and verified the integration and operation of Mantyss-32G” added Gurtler.

“We expand the value of our market-leading HAPS prototyping solution through collaborations with Synopsys HAPS Connect Program hardware partners like Fidus Systems to deliver innovative solutions that extend the real-world system validation interfaces,” said Neil Songcuan, sr. product marketing manager at Synopsys. “The Mantyss-32G daughter board enables software developers and system validation engineers to increase their productivity and accelerate time-to-market in this critically fast-paced market.”

Fidus Mantyss-32G boards will be available in April 2019 and are supported with technical documentation/FAQs and example designs. To purchase, or request a quote, visit

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