CANSEC is the largest military and defence show in the country! It is an annual defence and security trade show organized by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI). This year’s event took place at the EY Centre in Ottawa with more than 350 companies displaying their products and services.

As we stepped into the Ey Centre for CANSEC 2015, the registration line stretched back into the lobby, giving us a glimpse of how many people would show up this year! The numbers ended up being rather impressive, with organizers saying that over 11,000 individuals were at the show. Many were delegates from companies such as ourselves, and plenty of others were military delegates from Canada, the US and other nations around the world. Being Canada’s largest defence and security trade show, both large and small defence providers are attracted there to showcase their newest and best innovations.

Peter-Jean Francois LAV 6
Dr. Jean-Francois (RCAF) & Peter (Fidus) LAV 6.0 – General Dynamics

Perhaps the most impressive product (at least going by sheer size) was the LAV 6.0 from General Dynamics. The LAV 6 is Canada’s project to upgrade 550 LAV 3’s by 2017. These upgrades by General Dynamics will allow the LAV fleet to stay in use until 2035.

Aside from the clearly military presence of the LAV 6, many other equally impressive, but smaller items were on show. After several hours of walking through the event, talking to exhibitors, and taking photos, we had seen rockets, rifles, scopes, ammunition, off-road vehicles, drones, UAVs, surveillance systems, robots, satellite imaging, aircraft solutions, and more.

Polaris Defence

Large defence players such as Thales Canada, Colt Canada, CAE Defence, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics were there, some of them with massive booth areas displaying a wide array of their different products and capabilities. For a full list of exhibitors, please check out the CANSEC 2015 website.

Colt Canada

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