MEDRCFidus has attended the Medical Electronic Device Realization Center’s 7th Annual MEDRC Workshop at MIT on May 7th.

The 7th Annual Medical Electronic Device Realization Center Workshop on Next-Generation Medical Electronic Systems: Clinical Needs and Systems Solutions is a forum for experts from academia, the semiconductor and medical device industry, and the medical profession to exchange technical ideas, explore collaboration opportunities and define directions related to health care systems. The two-day event will focus on a broad range of clinical needs in neurology, cardiology, neonatology and hospital readmissions. It will also focus on technological solutions including wearable monitoring devices, medical communication systems, point-of-care instruments, medical imaging, and biomedical signal processing. The workshop will feature presentations given by leading experts in clinical medicine and the medical electronics field.

(L-R) Clifford Emmons, Dr. Nahum Gershon, Peter Connolly

(L-R) Peter Connolly, Bruce Hecht of Analog Devices, Tom O’Dwyer of Analog Devices, Steven Olasky

Have a look at the event website here: