Signal Integrity

In today’s high-speed designs, the necessity of Signal Integrity (SI) is no longer up for debate. What is important? How to get the tools and, more importantly, the expert interpretation you need to solve your problems before they occur. If something is keeping you up at night and you want an opinion or need a simulation to resolve issues – call Fidus, let’s talk. Our SI experts are super smart, but also highly pragmatic – they’ll make sure your project is properly constrained. You can relax – we’ve got it all under control.

The Fidus full-time SI team averages more than +25 years of experience. They wouldn’t tell you, but they hold numerous awards and have written well received books and whitepapers. They could do it from first principles, but for efficiency, Fidus has also outfitted them with the right, high-end tools they need to do their job including; Agilent ADS, ANSYS HFSS™, Cadence® Allegro PCB SI (SPECCTRAQuest) and Cadence® PSpice®, Mentor Graphics® HyperLynx®, and Synopsys HSPICE®.

We have really made our mark as SI experts – repeatedly advising on high-speed memory buses (e.g. DDR3/4), complex computing platforms, Interlaken systems (12.5Gbps links), FPGA transceivers (including GTH, GTX, GTZ), analog/digital isolation, complex layer stacks, and mixed technology circuit boards (e.g. Rogers/FR4).

Take a look at some of the interesting SI projects our team has taken on in our Portfolio.