Fidus has in-house expertise designing Wireless equipment. Whether it’s 1GHz or 24GHz – we can help.  We use the latest tools, like Agilent ADS, to design and simulate the performance of our RF-based designs. Once satisfied with the simulation results, we can then directly transport the design into our PCB layout tool – preserving the integrity of the simulation result.

After design and fabrication, our Wireless designers utilize our signal generators, arbitrary waveform generators, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, etc, (insert here >> lots more stuff) to prove out their design.

So, really the way to look at it is: by hiring Fidus for Wireless design, you’ll get a total package which = access to top notch RF talent + access to expensive RF design tools+ a lab full of RF verification equipment. We already made all the investment to be leaders in this capability so you don’t need to.

Check out our Wireless capability sheet for specific information on our expertise, tools and projects.

  • Antennas: Wi-Fi/WLAN (802.11), Bluetooth®, GPS, OTA HDTV (UHF/VHF), fractals, mmWave, RFID, ZigBee®
  • Custom design: Filters, couplers, detectors, passive equalizers, switches, etc.
  • Direct conversion: Utilizing high-speed ADCs and DACs
  • Modulators/Demodulators: FSK, GMSK, QAM/QPSK, OFDM, CMDA, etc.
  • Power Amplifiers: High linearity, high efficiency, clean spectral masks
  • Receivers: High sensitivity, large dynamic range AGC loops and variable attenuators
  • References: Low phase noise PLLs/Synthesizers, DDS sources, OCXO/TCXO/VCXO
  • Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) computation: RFID, cell phones, etc.

  • Agilent  ADS
  • Agilent Network Analyzer
  • Agilent Vector RF/Signal Generator
  • Agilent PXA Signal Analyzer
  • Agilent Digital Signal Analyzer
  • Signal Generators
  • Spectrum Analyzers

Fidus Wireless Capability Sheet Download