High Speed Communications


Fidus has a long history of delivering innovative and reliable products and services to the communications industry. Our capabilities span both wired and wireless communications design.

Years ago, our wired expertise kicked-off with our designers developing Central Office, PBX, and VoIP equipment for the large multinational industry leaders, we then evolved to designing OC/STM systems ranging from 155 (OC-3/STM-1) to 10Gbps (OC-192/STM-64). Today we proudly help our customers design their leading edge 100 and 200Gbps Ethernet switching systems.

Fidus’ wireless communications expertise is well established. We’ve been an integral part of designing complex multi-radio WiMAX® beamforming systems, 24GHz point-to-point corporate LAN extenders, white space radios, wireless access points and backhaul, 802.11(b,a,g,n) systems, etc…

Communications has always been one of the industries that drives technology. This means that today’s communications systems require the most powerful processors, the largest FPGAs, and the latest optical gear. The side effect of using the latest and greatest is that you create a mountain of complexity. Fidus is ready and able to tackle these challenges, including:

  1. Line cards that carry hundreds of multi-gigabit links (e.g. Interlaken)
  2. I/O routing to 10, 40, and 100G+ optical transceivers
  3. Thermal: From hundreds to thousands of watts of heat per line card
  4. High component density requiring high density interconnect technologies
  5. Complex Embedded software design

In all honesty, the key to our success in the communications market is our experience combined with our full service offering; allowing us to tackle the most complex designs from start to finish. We strongly believe that Fidus has the right pedigree and Standards knowledge to implement your next high-complexity communications system. Contact us for any of your communication design needs.

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