High Resolution Video


Few technologies are as instantaneously impressive as video. One look and you’re sold. Today’s digital video systems are constantly pushing technology.

Fidus participates in a number of key video segments:

  1. Broadcast. Here we help clients design next generation switching equipment.
  2. Digital Cinema. Here we enable clients to provide a breathtaking night out at the movies.
  3. Consumer. Here we help clients by designing in TFTs and touch screen displays, ensuring a compelling experience for their customers.
  4. Embedded Vision. Here we help clients control, process, and make sense of their image sensor information.

Fidus confidently designs video equipment by relying on our thorough high-speed hardware, signal integrity, and FPGA capabilities. FPGAs are a hallmark of video systems. They are typically tasked with scaling, format conversion, switching, color space conversion, compression and decompression (MPEG-4), and, image sensor pipelines, just to name a few.  Plainly put, the FPGA is an indispensible asset while engineering the video world. Fidus relies on our Xilinx® Premier member status to ensure that we are always up on the latest and greatest video trends and IP. Fidus is a one-stop shop for designing your next video product.

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