High Performance Computing


The super-computing industry has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years. There are now many start-ups as well as the large familiar names engaging in innovative developments within the computing industry. Fidus has completed many designs for these companies.

For customers in the computing space, Fidus offers high-speed hardware development, signal integrity, PCB layout, mechanical/thermal, FPGA, and embedded software expertise. Our hardware experts are prepared to target the largest processors and the highest speed I/Os. Our signal integrity team stands ready to ensure that the QPI or SMI serial bus operates flawlessly at full rate, and that any DDR3 or DDR4 buses deliver maximum bandwidth. Our SI team then passes rules and guidance to our PCB layout experts, ensuring that simultaneous switching noise (SSN), EMI/EMC, power plane impedances (power integrity), eye diagrams, and pre/post emphasis settings are exactly as expected. Our mechanical team gets started early in the program designing the chassis for your computing platform. They’re responsible for deliver a leading edge look and feel, common features and interference check, and a thermal solution that keeps the data flowing reliably. Sometimes the massive parallelism of an FPGA is required; we’ll do that too; no problem. Now, we want to deliver something that boots when we deliver it – this is where our embedded software team comes in. With a custom board support package all of this fancy hardware is now functional and accessible. Just put on the application. Fidus has done its part.

Let’s talk super-computing.

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