PCB layout

Our seasoned PCB layout designers are some of the best around!

From 2 layer consumer products to 40+ layer multi-gigabit backplanes with complex laminates and stack-ups, you’re in good hands with our IPC recognized layout designers (CID/CID+). Whether your design requires complex technologies such as: blind/buried/micro vias, buried capacitance, precisely controlled impedance, fiber-weave direction control, multi-laminate, or mixed technology stacks – Fidus can do it. Perhaps you don’t need the latest everything, but cost or other factors are limiting your board construction – we’ll still make that work. Regardless of the design complexity, we always take a practical approach to providing you with the design that meets your targeted performance and cost.

Working with our PCB Layout team means not having to worry about DFM/DFA rules, high-speed routing, high-current routing, and layer stack-ups. We’ll take care of it all to ensure a high-yield and CM agnostic design. Check out our Capabilities.

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Through our expertise, tools and project management, we will provide you with reliable services, delivered on-time and on budget.



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