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ACDC Quattro: Xilinx® Kintex® UltraScale™ Development Platform

Welcome to Quattro! Based upon inrevium’s successful line of ACDC development boards, Quattro is a Kintex UltraScale-based development platform featuring four (4) HPC FMC ports. This development platform is targeted at video, defense and aerospace, and communications applications. Each FMC port features 10 transceivers (GTH’s), and plenty of general purpose LVDS or single ended connections. Also featured are multiple clock-in/out and synchronization SMAs. The synchronization SMAs enable multiple Quattro boards to be connected together for demanding applications such as software defined radio or other mixed signal developments. Quattro features a Zynq® chip to enable board monitoring and set-up, and to more closely mimic an end-users system.

Keywords: Kintex, Kintex UltraScale, Quatrro, Xilinx, video, communications, aerospace, defense, development
Part Number: TB-KU-115-QUATTRO

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ACDC A7: Artix-7 Development Platform

Fidus Electronic Product Development

The TB-A7-200T-IMG is an Artix FPGA-based, low-cost, dual FMC carrier platform. Both FMC sites offer HPC connectors that boast 8 gigabit transceiver links as well as a plethora of LVDS (or single ended) I/O. This generous approach to the FMC pinout and the tri-rate Ethernet PHY makes this carrier ideal for video applications (including format conversions!). Fidus and inrevium offer a suite of video-related FMCs that are compatible with this solution (e.g. 6/12G-SDI, HDMI4K, MIPI, VbyOne, etc.). That said, this carrier is not limited to video applications- the user will find that the FMC ports can readily support other manufacturers’ FMC solutions as well, making this carrier a great solution for a variety of markets and industries.

Keywords: Artix, Xilinx, low-cost carrier, dual, FMC, HPC, video development
Part Number: TB-A7-200T-IMG

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8K/4K Video Development System

Looking to get a head start and define the 8K4K standards? The newest 8k standards are still to be ratified and this board allows for the development of video processing algorithms to support the 8k video standards prior to integration into ASICs if required. This board, which can be customized by Fidus, is used to develop the next generation 8K4K (7680x4320p) video display systems, and algorithms.

8K UHDTV (4320p) is 7680 pixels wide by 4320 pixels tall (33.18 megapixels), which is sixteen times as many pixels as current 1080p HDTV, brings it closer to the detail level of 15/70 mm IMAX pictures.

Keywords: 8K4K, 8K UHDTV
Part Number: TB-KU-060-ACDC8K

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