Fidus: Latin for Trustworthy & Reliable

In 2001 Fidus Systems Inc. was founded in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada by Michael Wakim. Since then Fidus has open two additional design centers, one located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and the other in San Jose, California. Michael founded the company because he wanted to offer high-end electronic product design and consulting services at fair price. Pretty simple, eh’? More importantly, Fidus holds itself to high moral and ethical standards:

Our mantra is: “We deliver what we promise we’re going to deliver, for the price we agreed to.”

Our Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles are unchanged since our very first day.

To transform innovative ideas into great products.

To deliver world-class electronic product development design services, while maintaining an environment of creativity, compassion and integrity.

Creative, Hospitable, Persistence, Fit & Healthy, Trustworthiness, Elegant Simplicity, Intellectual Excellence, Contagious Enthusiasm.  Read more…

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