When Fidus started in 2001, hardware and software could still be designed in isolation, so we focused on the hardware and our customers did their software. How things have changed! To address the ever increasing complexity of board support packages and low-level drivers, we developed an Embedded Software team. These days, a very large percentage of our projects include significant software development. Typically, we are writing the low-level code that runs our clients’ applications, meaning that we deliver a fully working custom piece of hardware that is ready to support your application.

Our team specializes in Linux-based ARM® designs, but we also have experience with PowerPC™, MIPS® and x86 processors, just to name a few. So raise your level of abstraction and focus solely on developing your core competency – we’ve got the rest covered.

Our embedded developers are experienced with the latest ARM-based SoC’s, and the latest toolchains and development environments (IDE’s) and frameworks.


innovate • design • deliver

Through our expertise, tools and project management, we will provide you with reliable services, delivered on-time and on budget.



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