Being the inaugural Xilinx Premier North American Design Services member means that we have great FPGA designers with leading edge expertise! Our FPGA design services team use the latest design tools and work on some of the highest-speed, most complex designs going. From high-end Virtex-7 designs (think 2000T) to cost effective Artix or Spartan-6 designs, we are experts in the technology and work to offer you the best solution possible.Our versatile (VHDL or Verilog) FPGA team understands the challenges and methods required to achieve fabric speeds in the 100s of megahertz, timing closure at high utilization and power efficiency that won’t burn a hole in the board or in your project’s budget. We also pride ourselves in fitting the design into the most appropriate device – for example, we just don’t drop a 2000T down, when a Kintex® will do.

Whether it’s high-speed I/O like DDR3, PCIe Gen3, Interlaken, 28G SERDES, DSP (like software defined radio or embedded vision) or optimizing a system by utilizing both ARM Processors and fabric, à la Zynq® – Fidus is a great choice for FPGA design services.

Oh, and did we mention…we also design with Altera devices like Stratix® V.  See our FPGA capability sheet.