The Fidus Mantyss-DP-32GTM integrates a Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+TM with multiple Arm® processors, 32Gbps transceivers, and a collection of other real-world IO peripherals onto a development card that is ready for your high speed or ARM prototyping challenges. Additional interfaces include DDR4, GigE, FMC+, an SD expansion port, a configurable clocking subsystem, and other PS and PL connections.

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Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ZU19EG MPSoC

A powerful Zynq UltraScale+ ZU19EG MPSoC is completely available for use in your prototype.  

The Zynq US+ ZU19EG features:

  • 1,143k System Logic Cells in the PL
  • Quad core Arm Cortex-A53 processor with dual core Cortex-R5 real-time processors and a Mali-400 MP2 GPU in the PS
  • 12 x 32/64/128b AXI Ports as the PS to PL Interface
  • -3 speed grade, enabling 32Gbps operation

32Gbps and ARM Design Platform Available on your Desktop

‘As a catalyst for your IP or software development.

High Speed Interfaces

High speed Samtec® FireFlyTM Electrical/Optical connectors

  • Two 4-lane x 32Gbps (max)
  • Two 4-lane x 16Gbps (max)

FMC+ (VITA 57.4 compatible) connector

  • Support for HSPC FMC+
  • Eight 32Gbps (max)
  • Sixteen 16Gbps (max)
  • LA[00:33], HA[00:08]
  • VADJ support, 1.0 to 1.8V

MPSoC Processing System (PS) interfaces

  • DDR4, 16GB x72 SODIMM @ 1866MT/s
  • Boot source and configuration support (Dual QSPI, MicroSD, JTAG)
  • UART-over-USB serial port
  • Switches and LEDs

MPSoC Programmable Logic (PL) interfaces

  • Multiple 32Gbps and 16Gbps transceivers to FMC+ and FireFly interfaces
  • Peripheral Module (PMOD)
  • SD expansion port
  • Switches and LEDs

Clocking Subsystem

  • Onboard multi-output clock generator
  • Jitter attenuator
  • MMCX reference clock input
  • MMCX connectors, general purpose
  • LVDS, differential clock input
  • Single-ended, clock input/output

IO and Debug

  • GigE, USB3.0, SD expansion
  • Pushbutton / LED connection
  • Xilinx JTAG Port (2×7, 0.100” header)
  • Arm JTAG Port (2×10, 0.100” header)
  • Arm Trace Port (MICTOR-38)

Board Controller

Independent board controller handles the board management tasks; Zynq UltraScale+ is completely available for user development.

Controller handles:

  • FMC interface control (e.g. EEPROM, VADJ)
  • I2C interfacing
  • DAC control for HT3 Vref flexibility
  • Thermal management



  • Gives you complete access to the quad-core Arm Cortex®-A53-based sub-system, including ARM Trace, for rapid software design, testing, or experimentation
  • Provides a large Programmable Logic (PL) fabric including access to thirty-two high-speed links at rates up to 32Gbps
  • Offers convenience and flexibility with the support of common I/O interfaces and debugging ports
  • Allows quick configuration through its integrated menu system
  • Accelerates bring up with available example designs


Fidus is uniquely positioned, as a Xilinx Alliance Program Premier Partner, to provide the expertise in product design and support for prototyping that pushes the limits.


in the box:

  • Mantyss-DP-32G Circuit Card Assembly
  • µSD Memory Card
  • Desktop Adapter, ATX Style Output 
  • Cables
    • Ethernet Cable, RJ45, M/M, Cat5e, 6’ (2m) 
    • USB Cable, Type A to MicroB Super Speed, 6’ (2m)
    • USB Cable, Type A to MicroB, 6’ (2m)
    • Power Cable Harness 

optional accessories:

  • FMC+ Loopback Cards, available from Samtec
    • FMC+ (HSPC) Loopback FMC (PN:  REF-197618-01)
    • FMC+ (HSPC) Loopback FMC w/ Micro Twinax FireFly QSFP28 (PN: REF-194194-01)
  • FireFly electrical peripherals, available from Samtec
    • Micro twin-ax loopback cable (PN: HDR-190945-01-ECUE)
    • Crossed micro twin-ax cable (PN: ECUE-08-030-T2-FF-B4-1)
    • Micro twin-ax to QSFP28 (PN: HDR-193805-01-ECUE)
  • FireFly optical peripherals, contact Samtec

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frequently asked questions

The Mantyss-DP-32G features a Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ device. The Zynq US+ contains four (4) Arm® APU processors, and two (2) Arm® RPU processors. In addition, the programmable logic (PL) portion of the Zynq US+ features 32Gbps and 16Gbps capable transceivers. By integrating a Mantyss-DP-32G, a user can now leverage fully integrated Arm processors and can now move data through multiple 32Gbps links. In addition, the FMC+ port allows for compatible FMC or FMC+ cards to be added to the system without sacrificing additional HT3 ports.

Please submit a request for quote using the form on this website and a member of our team will get back to you promptly.

Fidus Systems is pleased to offer a variety of different support packages for the Mantyss-DP-32G beyond our standard support. These include premium and platinum support packages that increase the durations of the warranty/free tech support, provide faster turn-around times, and even a no hassle advanced exchange service.

Talk to our sales team for the details by simply using the ‘Requesting a Quote’ form on this website. For a more prompt, direct contact, include your phone number in the ‘How can we help?’ box and our team will contact you directly.

Please use the ‘Request a Quote’ form on this website, indicating your area of interest and a phone number that we can reach you at in the ‘How can we help?’ box. Someone from Fidus will get back to you promptly.

The datasheet can be downloaded by filling in the information fields in the datasheet section and pressing ‘Download the Datasheet’.
The User Manual contains design specific details and is thus reserved for purchasers of Mantyss.

Fidus Systems specializes in customized designs and would be happy to work with you on the customization of the Mantyss-DP-32G (or any other design project). Please email our design team at, or fill in the ‘Request a Quote’ form on this website, indicating your area of interest and how you would like to be contacted in the ‘How can we help?’ box. Someone from Fidus will get back to you promptly.

Fidus is the expert on the operation of the Mantyss-DP-32G. However, Synopsys is the expert related to ProtoComplier and the operation of the HAPS system. Fidus can help ensure that the Mantyss-DP-32G board is functioning as designed, but specific prototyping implementation questions are better handled directly with Synopsys.

  • FireFly1: 4 lanes x 32Gbps
  • FireFly2: 4 lanes x 32Gbps
  • FireFly3: 4 lanes x 16Gbps
  • FireFly4: 4 lanes x 16Gbps
  • FMC+: 8 lanes x 32Gbps, 16 lanes x 16Gbps

Mantyss-DP-32G contains a Xilinx -3 speed grade device. The high-speed links on Mantyss-DP-32G are verified to 32.75Gbps (GTY) and 16.3Gbps (GTH). The links can operate at other rates, as defined by Xilinx.

Yes. The FMC+ is VITA 57.4 compatible. Implemented as HSPC only; no HSPCe connector. VADJ can range from 1.0 to 1.8V. A subset of the full pinout is supported.

Yes, the VITA standard allows FMC cards to connect into FMC+ carriers.

Samtec can provide FMC+ loopback cards and FIreFly loopback cables. Please refer to

It is connected to the PS. There is no DDR provisioned on the PL.

As per Xilinx’s specification, for a dual rank module, the PS interface can support up to 1866MT/s.

While there is no way to add additional DDR4 memory to the Mantyss-DP-32G, additional memory can be provisioned on the PS via the USB3.0 and/or microSD. Additional memory can be provisioned via a PL attached SD connector.

No, there is not a specific PCIe port on the Mantyss-DP-32G. However, a PCIe FMC+ card could be connected to the FMC+ port to provide this functionality.

The Mantyss-DP-32G has an onboard Board Management Controller (BMC) that can be used to configure certain devices. As most configuration can be handled by the BMC, the Zynq US+ is fully available to the user.

The microSD slot is used to configure the Zynq US+. The SD slot is used for expansion, and can contain memory or SD peripherals that are needed in your prototype design. The SD is connected to the PS.

Mantyss-DP-32G is powered by an included 12VDC desktop adapter. Mantyss-DP-32G is a highly programmable, highly IO configurable circuit card assembly, and as such the power draw is determined by the application. The desktop adapter is sufficient to supply all standard applications.

Mantyss-DP-32G supports Zynq US+ programming via micro Secure Digital, on-board QSPI FLASH, or JTAG.

Yes, Fidus provides basic PL and PS code that can be used to understand the interfaces and as a basis for your design. This code is available once you have registered your card.

The Mantyss-DP-32G provides the following I/O interfaces: FMC+, 4x FireFly, Superspeed USB, GigE, UART-over-USB serial port, microSD, SD, Xilinx JTAG, Arm JTAG, Arm Trace, MMCX clock signals, PMOD, Synopsys PB/LED header, and 12VDC power input. Various status and general purpose LEDs, as well as control and general purpose push-buttons, are provisioned as well.

The Mantyss-DP-32G was specifically designed to fit the HAPS system. There are six HT3 connectors that mount directly onto the HT3 connectors on the HAPS system. Synopsys and Fidus collaborated closely to verify compatibility and integration.

Yes. Mantyss supports a MICTOR-38 interface for Arm Trace.

The clocks connected to the FireFly transceivers are programmable. Please contact Fidus with you requirements for limitations/restrictions. In addition there are MMCX connectors for clock inputs or outputs. All other clocks are not programmable.

The HT3 connectors are pinned out to HP banks on the FPGA. This limits the maximum HT3 IO voltage to 1.8V.

Mantyss is a valuable, high-performance product and must be treated with care. Handling the Mantyss-DP-32G requires an ESD protected environment and handling procedures. When handling the Mantyss-DP-32G out of its black, protective case, an ESD strap is provided that must be worn and properly grounded, even if the Mantyss-DP-32G is still wrapped in its anti-static bag. The warranty does not cover damage to the product due to ESD discharge, so proper handling procedures are required.

Yes, you must register your Mantyss-DP-32G within three days of it arriving at your site. This is simple, and is done by filling in the form ‘Register your Mantyss’ on this website. You will require the serial number of your unit when registering, so be sure to have it handy.
Tech support and additional support services can only be accessed after registering your card. Requests to tech support on warranty issues cannot be answered unless the product is registered.


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