2015-02-08 21.31.42-1Seoul, South Korea

(L-R) Jaemin Park (Sr. FPGA Designer), Michael Wakim (CEO)

Fidus has recently successfully showcased our 8K TV development system as a part of the Canada-Korea Free Trade delegation. Fidus met with many leaders in the tv/technology industry to highlight the future of television.

“Our development system allows engineers at the world’s foremost TV manufacturers to experiment with and address the bandwidth and computational challenges with 8K deployment. With our Japanese partner, Tokyo Electron Device we plan to play an important and supportive role in the future of 8K Television,” says Fidus CEO, Michael Wakim.

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“We see that 4K is already attractively priced for the consumer, but 8K isn’t far behind. The problem will be distribution, bandwidth and of course, content. Will it really make sense to create massive amounts of 4K content, and pay for the distribution network, if 8K TVs arrive at attractive price points before 4K is fully adopted?”8K television is the highest ultra high definition television to be in development today. With 16 times the resolution of HD TV, 8K Television will create an unrivaled viewing experience, and Fidus is very excited to be participating in it.