The Embedded Vision Summit is the event for product creators who want to incorporate visual intelligence into their products.

There will be keynote addresses by the industry’s leading innovators and technologists in computer vision, along with Practical, how-to presentations of technology. See dozens of demonstrations of vision-enabled applications alongside hundreds of attendees.

The Summit is taking place on May 12, 2015 in Santa Clara, California.

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Main topics at the 2015 Embedded Vision Summit include convolutional neural networks, image recognition, image search, 3D vision, specialized vision processors, standards-based APIs, low-power vision, and deep learning.

Attend sessions focused on business opportunities and market trends for computer vision applications, geared towards engineering and corporate management, as well as analysts, editors, and those who need to know the bigger picture.

The Embedded Vision Summit is the industry’s only conference and trade show for product creators who want to incorporate visual intelligence into their products—including embedded systems, mobile applications, PCs, and the cloud.

This event is designed to inspire product creators to use embedded vision technology in new ways, and to empower them with the practical know-how to integrate vision capabilities into their products.

This Summit also provide opportunities to see demonstrations of the latest vision technologies and applications, and to interact with technical experts from leading vision technology suppliers.

Conference sessions include expert presentations on technologies, techniques and business opportunities.

Fidus is a tabletop exhibitor at this event. Please take a look at some of Fidus’ products: /products-list/

About Embedded Vision

Computer vision is the use of digital processing and intelligent algorithms to interpret meaning from images or video. Computer vision has mainly been a field of academic research over the past several decades. Today, however, a major transformation is underway.

Due to the emergence of very powerful, low-cost, and energy-efficient processors, it has become possible to incorporate practical computer vision capabilities into embedded systems, mobile devices, PCs, and the cloud. Over the next few years, there will be a rapid proliferation of embedded vision technology into many kinds of systems.


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