FPGA Timing Closure

Today’s FPGAs can do almost anything (well except make coffee…).  They have so many resources and can do so many things – it’s certainly tempting and sometimes down-right necessary, to pack massive amounts of high-speed functionality into their fabric. Great, it all fits! But then tragedy strikes – your design will not pass timing! These errors can literally drag a whole program into the mud as iteration after iteration after pipeline stage is added.  Days turn into weeks and your product is stalled as your competitors go to market ahead of you.

To solve timing issues and reach timing closure, you need the support of people who are experts in the tools and technology.  Call Fidus – we live and breathe Timing Closure.

And not to toot our own horn, but Fidus was Xilinx’s inaugural (yes, the first) Premier Design Services member in North America. This distinction recognizes our level of expertise, our commitment to the technology and offers us unrivalled access to training, tools (we often beta test) and Xilinx factory support. Did we mention that Fidus trains right alongside Xilinx and Avnet dedicated field support personnel? It’s a great and productive model for achieving success for our clients.

Check out our Portfolio to see our Timing Closure success stories.