The Fidus mechanical designers can give you that custom chassis look that you want and the thermals you deserve. Armed with nothing but the best, our in-house mechanical team can do 2D and 3D design AND board and chassis level thermal/CFD and FEA simulations.

You must admit, linking expert hardware and mechanical design is pretty powerful. First, our hardware team computes component level power consumption, they then pass that information to our mechanical designer who figures out the conductive/convective cooling strategy and completes an elegant yet robust design. Our mechanical team also drives and verifies component placement for our layout team – ensuring connector alignment and clearances.

For fun, and to offer it to our clients, but mostly for fun (…don’t tell our boss), we operate a 3D printer and CNC machine.

See more about our Mechanical capabilities here.

  • Custom 3D electronics enclosure design
  • Thermal FEA: Design and simulation of convective or conductive solutions
  • Structural FEA: Designing for strength and minimal weight
  • PCB modeling: Seamless integration between PCB layout and mechanical CAD for common features, assembly instructions, and, interference assessment
  • Materials: Plastics, metals, resins, etc.
  • Processes: Injection molding, bent metal, machining, casting, extruding
  • Environments: Indoor, outdoor, pole-mount, extremes, abusive
  • Concept-to-Production: Process expertise from concept to prototype to production
  • Cabling/Connectorization: Ingress/egress designs for harsh environments
  • Marketing Collateral: Photo real concept images

  • SolidWorks®
  • SolidWorks® Simulation
  • SolidWorks® CircuitWorks™
  • Autodesk Inventor®

  • Fidus Mechanical Capability Sheet Download