The Fidus hardware team focuses on delivering high-speed, high complexity designs. We deliver designs that frequently utilize the world’s largest FPGAs, complex microprocessors, 100Gbps ASSPs, high-end data converters, multiple high-speed memory interfaces and complex power sub-systems. We really don’t really care if it’s analog, digital or optical — we’ll get it done…and done well.We invest in and train on, some of the world’s best hardware design tools. This investment extends to our laboratories where we buy the best equipment to support the bring-up and proving of our designs.

So, whether your need a simple cost effective board or a complex high-performance board that nobody seems able to design, give Fidus a call – we’ll get it done.

Check out our Hardware capability sheet for specific information on our expertise, tools, and projects.

  • High-speed, high complexity designs
  • Microprocessor and FPGA-based systems
  • Memory interfaces (e.g. DDR3, DDR4, QDR)
  • Analog, digital, wireless, mixed signal design and simulation
  • System bring-up, debug, and verification
  • Schematic capture
  • Power system design, low-power, battery systems/chargers
  • Component obsolescence analysis and re-design
  • Cost reduction analysis and re-design
  • Quality documentatio

  • Cadence® OrCAD (Capture CIS)
  • Design Entry HDL
  • Mentor Graphics ® DxDesigner®
  • Altium Designer ®
  • Cadence® PSpice®
  • Linear Technology LTspice®

  • Fidus Hardware Capability Sheet Download

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