Algorithm Development for Control Applications – Trevor Smouter

Loosely speaking an algorithm is a mathematical procedure that can be followed to arrive at a specific solution. In the field of controls the understanding of what an algorithm is tends to be more focused. Essentially in controls, an algorithm is a mathematical process or function that takes in variables which represent state(s) of a … Read More

How to Correct Interleaving Issues With the Althea 5GSPS FMC Card

Do you ever find yourself running into interleaving issues while using a system with multiple analog-to-digital converters? There can often be differences in gain or phase between the two or multiple channels that are involved with the capture. Fidus and ADI have created a 5GSPS FMC card which works on a multiple analog-to-digital converter that … Read More

DDR4 Address bus Interconnect Optimization – Syed Bokhari

Abstract— This paper presents an investigation of Signal Integrity of the address bus in a DDR4 memory application. The fly-by topology is simulated at the highest DDR4 switching rate of 1.6 Gbps in a configuration comprising 8 memory devices. Interconnect impedance optimization is carried out to maximize eye opening. A new termination scheme that results … Read More

How to Build 12G-SDI Hardware that Works Perfectly – Trevor Smouter

In the pursuit of ever higher resolution video standards hardware engineers and the ASIC designers who support them are continually challenged to reach higher and higher data speeds. The moving target is now firmly placed on 12G-SDI (SMPTE ST-2082) which can support 4K resolutions at frame rates of 60Hz (4Kp60). Manufacturers of professional video equipment … Read More