Audio FMCs

Seven (7) PDM Microphone FMC

The TB-FMCL-7MIC is targeted at audio directionality and voice/speech recognition applications. The TB-FMCL-7MIC features seven (7) PDM microphones, strategically spaced to enable human voice related development and experimentation. The user can leverage the onboard PDM-to-TDM/I2S converter chips or can directly access the microphone’s PDM outputs. LEDs are placed next to each microphone to enable visual indication related to the incoming sound location. In addition to being able to operate in a traditional FMC daughterboard implementation, this product can also be used in a desktop configuration (e.g. powered externally and cabled to a processor board). The FMC is designed to be electrically compatible with the inrevium ACDC, Xilinx KC705, VC707, VC709, KCU105, and ZC706. Additional boards may be supported, and some limitations may apply. Contact us prior to ordering.

Keywords: audio, directionality, speech recognition, voice recognition, Knowles, inrevium, Xilinx
Part Number: TB-FMCL-7MIC

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