Xenyl Video


Description: In this project, we took a Xilinx® ML605 development kit, an Avnet® HDMI FMC card, and a Panasonic® 1080p60 streaming camera, and made a really cool video demo. The demo is set-up by recording four independent hi-def feeds into the onboard DDR3 memory. Now, we are going to place all four videos on the screen at one time, so before we store them into memory, to conserve memory, we scale the feeds, and then dump them into memory. Next, we start the camera streaming live video. This live video is scaled, and overlayed onto the four simultaneous video playbacks. Building on this, we also decided to smoothly move the live video feed around the screen, rebounding as it comes to the edge of the display; all at full high definition 1080p60 rates.

This system consists of a Xilinx® MicroBlaze® soft core, a DDR3 memory controller, and a whole bunch of custom scaling, overlay, video processing, and movement code.

By the way, it has since been ported to the Xilinx® KC705 development kit.

Technologies: Xilinx® Virtex®-6, Xilinx® Vivado®, Xilinx® Kintex®-7, Xilinx® MicroBlaze®, ML605, KC705, HD, 1080p60, DDR3, SODIMM, I2C, HDMI, DVI, video camera

Layers: n/a

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