Description: This crazy big board was a huge challenge! Our customer contracted us to design this ASIC emulation board so they could validate their RTL prior to committing to ASIC. Built around three Xilinx® Virtex-II PRO® FPGAs (the largest FPGAs in the world at the time), this board met all input/output requirements of the final ASIC, but also included the complexity associated with the multiple high-speed parallel links that allowed the FPGAs to communicate with each other. It’s funny to think that all of this could now be done in a single Xilinx® Virtex-7® 2000T.

Technologies: Xilinx® Virtex-II PRO, SDRAM, PCI, PMC, Ethernet, USB, ASIC emulation, JTAG, I2C, SPI, MICTOR

Layers: 28

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