Description: This board is a great example of how we help semiconductor companies verify their first off silicon. In this project, the semiconductor manufacturer asked us to design a board that they could use to both validate functionality as well as characterize operation by placing a thermal hood over their IC (see the thermal platform outlines in silk!). This board allowed our customer to validate I/O operation, internal register operation, and characterize their IC across temperature.

In this type of development, where possible, we minimize the support circuitry so that we can minimize project cost, schedule, and risk. This includes utilizing off-the-shelf system on modules (SOMs; in this case a RabbitCore®) in conjunction with simple GUIs, to control the ASIC. This allows us to focus our efforts on ensuring that the new unique circuitry is perfect.

At Fidus we understand that semiconductor manufacturers require reliable, robust, just-in-time hardware in order to validate their chip design. After all, once you receive the first-off silicon, validation and characterization is the last big step gating revenue, and you don’t want to be debugging your evaluation platform.

Technologies: Xilinx® FPGA, IC socket, MICTOR, adjustable power supply, RabbitCore®

Layers: 10

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