In 2011, Fidus became Xilinx’s inaugural North American Premium Design Services member. To obtain the highest designation within the Xilinx Alliance Program, Fidus not only had to demonstrate more than a decade worth of extensive experience with Xilinx technology, but then also had to pass a rigorous on-site audit that inspected and approved our technical expertise, our quality processes, as well as our business acumen.
The Premier designation is a strong relationship that requires both technical and corporate alignment. Fidus is committed to this relationship. To reward this commitment, Xilinx extends to Fidus the following:

-Early access to Xilinx’s technology roadmap
Fidus knows what Xilinx is developing, and how up and coming solutions may fit our customer’s needs

-Early access to Xilinx products
Fidus often has experience with new Xilinx products prior to public availability. Whether it’s early silicon access or by participating in Xilinx’s early tool trials,       Fidus develops expertise extremely early in the technology cycle. This early experience means that Fidus hits the ground running on customer designs that are       using Xilinx’s leading edge technologies.
-Enhanced factory support
Everyone gets stuck sometimes. In these situations Fidus has access to Xilinx’s factory to help achieve quick resolution.

-Company certification
By undergoing and passing Xilinx’s extensive on-site audit, Xilinx promotes Fidus as a Xilinx Premier design services member, and as a great choice for companies who have design outsourcing requirements.

With a Premier designation, Fidus is uniquely positioned to help you get your Xilinx solution to market quickly. Call Fidus for all of your Xilinx design needs! Visit for latest in Xilinx technology developments.